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Streaming has been identified as the entertainment platform that will cause the death of television. The TV has reigned as the main source of entertainment in households worldwide for decades. Since the technological boom that took place in the 1980s, we could feel that TV won’t stick around forever. The internet cemented this hypothesis when it rose to power in the late 90s. Still, the majority of us could never imagine a world without the beloved member of the family that kept us glued to couches for hours on end. Nonetheless, Youtube saw the light of day and started what is now clear to be the end of conventional television as we know it.

What is MovieBox?

MovieBox is a streaming service like any other, Youtube, and Netflix. On MovieBox you’ll see a huge selection of different movies to choose from. The difference between MovieBox and the more well-known streaming services is that there is no sign-up or payment required to view any of the content. You can search, view and download the movie of your choice for later use on your device with MovieBox. There are various genres and thousands of movies on MovieBox that users can browse through to find the right one for their mood. More content is added daily to the already huge arsenal the service can boast about.

There are more than 80 million users of MovieBox at the moment and in a short while you’ll see exactly why.

MovieBox - Free HD Movies & TV Shows

Best features of MovieBox

MovieBox is one of the best free movie streaming services available on the internet today. This is the result of some of the features that MovieBox brings to the playing field.

Free: The service is totally free to download and use. In order to gain access to other similar services, users usually have to pay on a monthly or yearly basis. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and HBO all have their own streaming platforms. But for users to view all of the content on these sites, you have to pay. MovieBox, on the other hand, doesn’t require any form of payment to view the movies the service houses.

Download for offline use: This is something that even the heavyweights of the industry have seemed to neglect. On MovieBox, users can download their favourite movies to view offline. This is really useful when it comes to long hours of commuting. If you’re someone that has to take a  journey to work and back on public transport, this is the feature that will sell you on MovieBox. You can now download and view movies offline with MovieBox on PC.

How to download and use MovieBox on PC

At this point, you are probably asking how to get access to this extensive library of more than 10,000 movies. There is a little trick to it, but fear not, below I’ll take you through the steps on how to install the MovieBox application on your PC. Afterwards, you can enjoy free movies on your PC.

The MovieBox application for PC will allow users to download movies on their computer for later viewing. There isn’t any official version of the app available in any store. You’ll need to download the APK file. There is more than one way to install the MovieBox app on your PC. We’re going to walk you through one of the easiest ways to do it.

  1. Make sure that you have the Google Chrome web browser installed on your computer. Here is the link to download Google Chrome.MovieBox on Google Chrome
  2. Go into Google Chrome and enter the Chrome Web Store. Search for the ARC Welder extension and add it to Chrome.
  3. Download the MovieBox APK file on your PC.
  4. MovieBox APK file

  5. Open the ARC Welder extension in your chrome browser. Click on the button to choose a new directory.
  6. Add the APK of MovieBox to ARC Welder and hit the final button labelled “Test”. If everything goes well you can access MovieBox by clicking on the new tab button and selecting Apps in the upper left-hand corner. MovieBox to ARC Welder

In order to use the MovieBox app on PC, you would need to use the method above or any other Android emulator. Bluestack is one of the most popular emulators available. This is unfortunate, but it is because the app was originally created for Android. It also works best on a PC using this method.

What makes MovieBox stand out from the crowd?

Let’s see why so many people flock to MovieBox instead of the alternatives.

Free: The first reason would have to do with the fact that it’s free. Yes, you’ve read correctly there are no costs to use the MovieBox service. There also are no ads to substitute the fact that the app is free to download and use. This is something really special when it comes to applications these days.

No sign-up: On top of the app being free, there is also no sign-up required. You just open the application or the website and stream away. Great, isn’t it? You won’t have to dream up a complicated password, that most websites require, or deal with remembering the damn thing.

Download for offline viewing: Here the app has somewhat of a lead against even some of the big boys in the game. The fact that users can download their favourite movies to view offline is immensely useful.

Wrap up

The MovieBox for PC application is great. Everything about MovieBox is great if you really look at it. The interface is simple yet effective, the service is free to use, you can download movies to view them offline, and there is no sign-up required to watch movies. Along with all this, there aren’t even any ads to compensate for the fact that the app is free. The downside is that the process to use MovieBox is a bit complicated and not everyone has time for that type of effort. We have a guide on how you can use the MovieBox application alongside Chromecast for your optimal viewing pleasure.

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  1. hi i need to download MOVIEBOX on my laptop. what must i do first . i don’t want to download BLUESTACKS

    • Hello. MovieBox currently has no official version for PC. You can use MovieBox on emulator software such as Bluestacks, Noxapp Player …

  2. Ive never done this before but i have used it on my phone before so… hope for the best!

    • MovieBox always update the fastest and free movies. You can follow MovieBox daily.

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