MovieBox for Chromecast

Watch free movies on a Chromecast device using the MovieBox application

Chromecast is one of those pieces of technological brilliance. The device is a small box that you can connect via a USB cable to your television. The device allows you to cast apps from your mobile device to the display that’s connected to the Chromecast dongle. In a sense, the device turns an ordinary television into a smart TV. Many applications are already compatible with Chromecast devices like Netflix, Hulu and many others. These small box/dongle-like devices are designed to make life easier while still saving you money. With one of these devices, you don’t have to buy a smart TV and you don’t have to watch movies on your small screen.

What is MovieBox?

MovieBox is a streaming application that is available for download on iOS and Android devices. Users can also use emulator apps to stream from the app on their PCs. On Android, the app is known as ShowBox, but in this article, I’m going to use the original name, MovieBox, when I refer to it. The app has more than 10,000 movies viewers can choose from and has, since its release, gathered more than 80 million users.

How to download and install MovieBox

If you want to use the app on iOS, you’ll need to jailbreak the device. Lucky for you there are many apps and tutorials that you can find online to accomplish this task. We do, however, advise that you be very careful before you decide to jailbreak your device. Do the research on jailbreaking before you attempt it on your device.

When it come s to Android, you don’t have to take such drastic measures. The developers of Android allows users to install third-party apps. There is a setting that Android users must change under their security options to allow for the download and install of third-party applications.

Once you’ve taken the necessary steps to install the app on your device, you can download the respective files for Android or iOS. It’s that simple (Well, for Android users at least).

Now, you have endless entertainment at the tips of your fingers.

Using a Chromecast device

MovieBox on Chromecast

Unfortunately, the application does not have any built-in function that supports Chromecast. Don’t panic. We can work our way around this by just downloading an app like AllCast or something similar. AllCast is available for Android and iOS devices. These types of apps will enable users to cast media from apps on your mobile device to the display connected to the Chromecast device.


Using the Chromecast device is as easy as plugging it into the HDMI port of the device you want to cast to. After, plugging it in you’ll be greeted by` a home screen that will guide you from there onwards. Next, you need to open the casting application like Allcast and connect it to the Chromecast device. Now you are ready to stream through the Chromecast device.

Once you have opened the AllCast application, you will be able to select the MovieBox app from a list of applications. Easy and quick.

Best features of the MovieBox application

Let’s take a look at some of the things that make this app so great. I’ll run through some of the features that make the app a must-have for any living being that owns a mobile device and feels the need to be entertained some times.

Free: The most important things first. The app doesn’t cost a cent to download or use. From the moment you download the app’s file to the moment you run the app for the first time, you’re not expected to make a single payment anywhere along this timeline. The best things in life are, in fact, free (Who would have thought?).

Great interface: Like shortly mentioned above, the interface of the app is simple yet effective. On the homepage are some recommendations on what to watch. They are based on what’s new and what’s trending at the moment. You can watch a movie simply by clicking on the icon.

No registration: This feature has a double-edged sword. Firstly, you don’t have a long and complicated process to complete just to enter the app. Afterwards, you don’t ever have to strain your mind in an attempt to remember the password for the app. This is a feature that many similar apps all have, mainly due to the fact that you have to pay for most of the other streaming apps. Even Youtube, that is a free service, has a registration process if you want to view certain videos.

Ad-free: Usually if apps are free to download and use, they compensate by shoving ads down our throats. This is not the case with MovieBox. There aren’t any ads in sight to distract you from relaxing and enjoying a movie.

Download for offline use: The app has a small feature that makes all the difference in the world. You can download movies on your device to view offline. This isn’t a common site in the business. Netflix is probably the most well-known premium streaming service in the industry today. Yet, Netflix doesn’t allow users to download movies to view them offline. This is a great feature to use when you spend a lot of time commuting around on public transport.

MovieBox - Free HD Movies & TV Shows


In the end, the MovieBox application is one of the best things that has ever surfaced. Combining this great application with a revolutionary product like the Chromecast device means that users can make life a lot more comfortable. These apps will take some time to set up and get the hang of but in the end, it will be worth the effort. It is worth stating that it has become increasingly difficult to download and install the MovieBox application. This article is for information purposes only and we do not endorse the piracy of copyrighted content. I can, on the other hand, say that the MovieBox application is overall great and nice to use. The risk takers will surely like what the application has to offer.

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