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Streaming is the Mike Tyson of the entertainment industry. The young newcomer came out of nowhere. Television, the longstanding champion, never saw it coming. Streaming is now the most popular form of entertainment in the world. There are multiple well-known streaming services that are used by millions of users worldwide. Youtube, Netflix and Hulu are just a few of the heavyweights in the division. Streaming is a format that allows people who are connected to the internet to watch videos.

Streaming services

There are various types of streaming sites that deliver the service in different ways. The first that you’ll find is like Youtube. Youtube enables users to search and play any video they have on their servers. For most videos, you won’t have to sign in. For videos that have more mature content, however, you need to create an account and sign in to confirm your age.

Netflix is a paid service that runs on a monthly basis. The service hosts entire series and movies, although, they may not be there permanently. Here you also have the freedom to choose what to watch and when.

The last type you may encounter is the live channel streaming service. On this type of streaming, you can choose from channels to watch. These streams are usually live and you would usually only be able to view the whole video once it’s done. Some services, however, don’t have this function with their videos. This form is mostly encountered with live sport and gaming events.

MovieBox - Free HD Movies & TV Shows

What is the MovieBox app?

MovieBox is like Youtube and Netflix. You have a huge library to choose from. This includes movies as well as series. The Android users might know this application by the name of ShowBox. It’s just the name that’s different, everything else is the exact same. MovieBox is unique and you might sometimes find it hard to download and install. The files aren’t always online on the websites you want to download them from. Sometimes the websites might be down. The reason MovieBox is hunted so fiercely is that the app has tons of movies and series that users can view for free, and without sign-up. Yes, you’ve read that correctly, for free. The app has gained millions of users across the globe and for good reason.

The way the app works is it searches for all the available streams online and then it tests the links. If the link doesn’t work, the app will move on to the next one. You only receive the end result. The app cuts out all the effort you usually spend on finding a stream for the movie you want to watch.

The app can be downloaded on iOS, Android and users can even use the app from their PC. The MovieBox application has a lot of pros that draws the horde of users the app has.

The best things about MovieBox

Free: The most important things first. The application is completely free. Unlike most services that host this large amount of content, MovieBox 2020 will never ask you to dig into your pockets for entertainment. It’s on the house, man.

Easy to browse: The interface is basic. This sounds bad at first, but let me explain. The fact that the GUI is so simple makes it very easy to navigate and use. The menu will allow you to find the right category in no time. The other option is to use the search bar to find a specific title you are looking for. Are you the type of person that doesn’t know what to watch? The MovieBox app will have a list of suggestions on what is popular on the home screen.

Ad-free: This is where the app really shocks me. Not only is the app free to download and use, but there is also no ads insight from the very start. Normally you need to pay free apps to remove the ads. Not on MovieBox.

Download offline: last but not least. The MovieBox application will allow you as a user to download your favourite movie for offline use. Don’t waste data when you can just download a movie on wifi and view the thing offline. Works great when you spend long hours on public transport.

MovieBox for all operating systems

In the end, the MovieBox Pro 6.6 app works great. That is when you can find the apk file to download. Some of the movies might have had all of their working server links offline from time to time and this will influence your viewing experience but this isn’t the end of the world. Most of the content works most of the time. The offline download combined with the fact that the app is free is the reason it has millions of users every day. Download it now on Android, iOS or even use it on your PC. We have some guides on how to use the app on all operating systems and Chromecast devices.
MovieBox Profession 6.0

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MovieBox application information:

App Name: MovieBox
Version: v6.6
File Size: 25 MB
Android Version Requires: 4.4+
Developer: MovieboxProfession
Updated: April 1, 2020
Installs: 1M+
License: Free 100%
Content Rating: 10/10

3.4/5 (55 Reviews)